Monday, June 2, 2014

masterpiece academy question

This course was something new, and something exciting. It does represent a great amount of trust, and I've been worried whether or not I earned / utilized that trust. My top priority throughout the year has been to work on my clothing brand and grow it to monumental proportions. My ambitions are too high for my own good, and I tend to be passionate about the wrong things; the unproductive things that don't earn a high GPA.

But I have completed a hero's journey, I've completed high school. I've completed four whole years in a place that just sees me as a number and people that see me as another teenager in a hallway. I've completed a hero's journey through judgement, frustration, stress, heartbreak, and everything else associated with high school. That's enough to make me feel like a hero.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

masterpiece notes

  • "this town is like a sinkhole."
  • amanda has a strong passion for travel and did everything she could to enable her to go to italy.
  • this makes me want to really travel to italy
  • i really need to travel to italy

     javier / izamar

  • "in loco politico: educating the people of tomorrow"
  • should i write for in loco politico?
  • i think in loco politico has a lot of potential to expand, maybe into printed news. 
    jacob / kristin
  • jacob and kristin have a clear understanding between their titles "education and learning"
  • there seems to be a mutual understanding with high-shoolers and their lack of faith in the education system. 

Monday, April 7, 2014

look at my brain

designing clothes is my masterpiece. when i design clothes (and write), it allows me to express myself and connect with people. it turns me into a business -- a prominent part of an entire culture. i'm put in the position to make decisions for my brand and create an image for it. in clothing, collaboration is common. creative people gravitate toward each other like planets, crashing together and creating something new that has a little bit of themselves in it. look at my brain.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

what about my masterpiece?

In the past week, I've been thinking of different ways to market my masterpiece ( a collection of  clothing ) to the school. I've began work on two of the designs I'll be printing and selling. Doing all of this work toward the collection just makes me more excited to release it when the time comes.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


it's hard to describe my ability to complete my masterpiece because I've been doing it for the past year and a half. my masterpiece is a collection of clothing by my brand, which I will print and design and sell on campus. I've been doing that with my brand for about a year, so I'm prepared enough to start designing and printing. the only thing in my way is the difficulty of releasing this separate collection of clothes AND the ongoing collections I do with my brand.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

while reading the last 1/4 of bnw

I really like the conversation with the Controller and/or Mustapha Mond about their society. It's just satisfying for them to come out and basically admit to cruelly engineering the world and telling them why. I especially liked in chapter 17 when he said "Christianity without tears -- that's what soma is." The idea of religion being used liked a drug and vice versa is interesting, I've never heard of that. And it confirms a lot of the things we talked about in class regarding the soma and the orgies to have a religious feel to them.

I also noticed that on pg. 246 it says "flowers and a landscape were the only attractions here," when the society is famous for making flowers and landscapes unattractive.